• Being active makes me healthier in mind & body!
    I Love the instructors, the atmosphere & the people. Everyone is so friendly, I feel comfortable at Fit-Nation.
    -Nikki T.

    (F) Age 57
    Member Since 2008
  • I come to Fit-Nation because I really like the environment. It is very clean and well taken care of. Along with the workers, everyone is very friendly. My health has improved very much. I'm much more in shape and my strength has already grown in such a short time period.
    -Noah J.
    (M) Age 18
    Member for 2 months
  • Clean, good equipment, location, price, nice people, enough equipment for the membership numbers, good parking...
    At Fit-Nation, I am able to maintain my weight and remain healthy and active.
    -Cindy S.
    (F) Age 52

    Member Since 2009

  •  I love being welcomed/ greeted by the workers. Everyone is helpful and friendly. The equipment is clean and well kept.
    Since joining, I have become so much more active and more aware of my health. I have noticed my strength and endurance increase dramatically over the time I've been working out here.
    -Megan B.
    (F) Age 16
    Member for 2 months
  • Great staff, equipment, clientele, & atmosphere. Very friendly and helpful staff.
    Coming to Fit-Nation keeps me active, and results on my physical make my doctor VERY HAPPY!
    -Paul S.
    (M) Age 60
    Member Since Opening
  • Low membership, convenient hours, up-to-date equipment, and a friendly staff that actually looks at you and says, “Hello” and “Good-bye.” Since joining Fit-Nation, I have been able to maintain and meet my fitness goals because of their knowledgeable staff variety of equipment, and studio classes.
    - Sandra L.
    (F) Age 36
    Member Since 2012
  • At Fit-Nation, the equipment is kept clean and in regular working order, the staff is always exceptionally nice, and there is something uplifting about going into an environment where everyone is trying to better themselves and not be better than others.
    Since joining, I’ve gained a lot of muscle and really worked on technique.
    - Dan H.
    (M) Age 29
    Member Since 2012
  • The Studio Classes & Cinema Cardio Room keep me coming back week after week. Since joining, I have gotten stronger and have more endurance.
    - Heather B.
    (F) Age 30
    Member Since 2015
  • My health has truly improved since I joined Fit-Nation and I have been able to maintain it consistently. I like the variety of workout equipment, T.V. monitors with the sports channels, and the friendly workout atmosphere with other members. 
    - Edward J.
    (M) Age 62
    Member Since 2013
  • The classes and instructors at Fit-Nation are wonderful! The gym is always clean. The staff is the best around! Working out has become a lifestyle for me. I feel better all around – Mind, Body, & Soul
    - Christina H.
    (F) Age 34
    Member Since 2008
  • I exclusively do two classes at Fit-Nation, Body Pump and Yoga. Both classes have definitely helped me maintain strength, fitness, and flexibility. Both instructors are excellent!
    - Don D.
    (M) Age 61
    Member Since 2014
  • The atmosphere is very laid back, the people are super nice, the employees are super friendly, and the machines are great! Just an all-around great place to work out.
    I feel so much better since I started working out. I’m toning up, eating healthier… I just feel better.
    - Sheri W.
    (F) Age 34
     Member Since 2014
  •  I like using the Cardio Movie Room to get my cardio done. Also, I enjoy the variety of free weights and machines. The classes are great & I am loving the new tanning beds!!!! Having a workout partner has been the best, and since joining Fit-Nation, I’ve lost 10 LBS, become more toned, and I have been in 5 half-marathons. Plus, my time is improving!
    - Janice W.
    (F) Age 56
    Member Since 2014